Mosquito Window Screen

The Roll up screen panel offered here in the Philippines effectively sieves out ultrafine dust from outdoor air to yellow dust, to pollen, up to the insects, while protecting your home and offices. It is a light and hygienic roll-up insect screen in the Philippines that will match the style and comfort, everyone is looking for. The frame is smoothly layered with aluminium powder, powered by Nanofiber and has an adjustable retraction speed for customizations.



  • Natural ventilation of fresh and clean air.
  • Enhanced Nanoweb insect screen made by Nanotechnology.
  • Guaranteed shading and Ultra Violet (UV) block.
  • It has a changeable rolling spin for desired retraction speed.
  • First-rate service and trusted warranty.
  • It has easy one-touch release system that sustains the screen’s alignment.
  • A spring is installed for easy retraction of the frame upon release.
  • It offers various installation options that best-fit most windows, such as, horizontal and vertical fixings.
  • The roll-up insect screen is made of nano-mesh; its durability and flexibility are guaranteed regardless of repeated contact.
  • It has reliable after sales service and warranty.


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