DECOPLUS INC. An interior furnishing company established in the center of Metro Manila, Philippines who caters quality products from Korea, such as, window film, blinds, shades, artificial turf, grass, office table, office desk & office furniture. DECOPLUS INC. offers a wide range of interior furnishing products to serve each and every house hold, business establishments, rest house, hotels and many more!

DECOPLUS INC’s purpose is to provide not only the best but also to give the premium quality products to its clientele and as we continue to serve our growing market, customers can choose from a wide range of interior furniture and fixture up to landscaping needs.

DECOPLUS INC’s brands are; DECOSHADE for Window shades & blinds, DECOTURF – Artificial turf & Grass, and DECOFURNITURE – furniture, office furniture, table, desk, chair & more!

The company’s brand and businesses strength was recognized by many firms because our products are all made from superior quality with a price within the range of local brands. This is further enhanced by the innovative ideas of the management, who strive from time to time in creating awareness and bringing the company to the latest development of today’s world.

We in DECOPLUS INC. are committed to deliver the best customer experience in the market we serve, thus, we are guided by our mission statement, vision, values, and guiding principles. Innovation is what the company stands for, what really matters to us is meeting customers satisfaction and in order for us to do that, we are supported by seasoned marketing, customer resource management and managers, and professional staff who have expertise in the construction industry.


DECOPLUS INC. is committed to provide satisfaction to our customers through giving them specialty items and excellent customer service in a large selection of stylish decorative products, superior quality, best pricing and warranties.


To be the top Interior furnishing provider in the country with a genuine support for the conservation of energy in every homes and businesses.

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